May 25
Sainte Trinité: source d’amour et modèle de communion

Holy Trinity: Source of Love and Model of Communion

“You have received a Spirit that makes you sons; and it is in him that we cry out ‘Abba!’, that is, Father!” (Rm 8, 15)

For today’s readings, consult AELF – May 26, 2024.

Artists, especially painters, have often tried to evoke the mystery of the Trinity in its complexity. In the famous icon by Rublev, we see three figures, three angels, seated around a chalice, symbolizing the Lamb.

When we look closely, we notice that the eyes of the three figures constantly meet and look at each other. There is a flow between their faces. But the circle formed by these three messengers is not closed; the table remains open to the viewer.

We are invited to the table of the Trinity, to participate in its communion.

This artistic feat beautifully illustrates that God is not “solitary” but eternally “in solidarity.”

However, no painting, no matter how beautiful, can fully dispel the mystery of the Trinity. And that’s how it should be, because the Trinity is more than a doctrine to understand; it is primarily an experience to live, based on the experience of the apostles and the early Christians.

Firmly rooted in the Jewish faith, the disciples experienced something even richer by sharing the life of Jesus. After absorbing his teachings, participating in his Passion, and witnessing his Resurrection, the apostles discovered God made man in Jesus. Following his Ascension, it was through the Holy Spirit that they proclaimed him “Lord” to the entire world, assured of his presence with them.

Thus, through the baptismal formula we hear in Matthew’s gospel today, the early Christian communities already confessed their faith in a God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The doctrine of the Trinity merely puts into words what was already lived.

As for us, every time we participate in the Eucharist and make the sign of the cross, we celebrate, like them, this God who is the source of love and model of communion, a relationship so profound that it is God-Trinity!

Dt 4:32-34, 39-40 / Rm 8:14-17 / Mt 28:16-20